Water Testing Services

AT SLN Testing Laboratory, we offer qualitative and quantitative testing services that follows NABH standards, ISO standards, Bureau of Indian Standards, APHA and FSSAI standards. We empower and assist our customers in implementing comprehensive high quality & safety measures by assuring swift and affordable testing services.


Drinking Water Testing


Waste Water Testing


Pharmaceutical Grade Water Testing


Industrial Water Testing

Why Water testing is Important?

Shocking as it may be, it is found that 72% of residents in Bangalore have access to contaminated water alone.

According to Eureka Forbes and GFK studies, it has been established that potable water in Bangalore and its surrounding catchment areas plays a central role in causing five major life threatening diseases – acute diarrhea, typhoid, viral hepatitis, cholera and acute encephalitis


Protection of your health and in nurturing your well being

Stay Healthy

Protection from Water borne diseases and avoid hair-fall

Stay Safe

Protection from skin infections, rashes and allergies

Safety for Homes

Avoid damage to your home appliances.

We Strive to Provide the Best Water Testing Service in Industry​

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